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Day 1 ( May 30 )

Today I worked on removing the phylib code from the driver. It proved to be easier than expected and the PHY on my test card was correctly initialized by the PHY code in the driver without phylib. No issues were found in link detection after dis/reconnecting the link with different link speeds. It made me suspicious that it worked so flawlessly, so I took some time going over the code again to make sure I didn't miss anything and to make sure we don't have to handle things differently for other card variants. Everything looks good to me.

After that I started to remove some of the jumbo frame code of the driver. It's not finished and doesn't build yet, so I haven't pushed it yet.

Day 2 ( May 31 )

I removed the jumbo frame support from the driver today. Support for ethtool stats and rx copy threshold was removed too. The changes were tested on 2 different testing cards by moving around a 1.5gb file over the network. The modified driver was used alternatively on the sending and the receiving end and no issues were observed.

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