Week 1 ( May 23 - May 29 )

Day 1 ( May 23 )

  • Compile linux kernel from top-of-git code
  • Push (unmodified, as of yet) linux working tree to etherboot server
  • Understanding how tg3 probe, open, PHY, etc functions work, read relevant parts of the datasheet
  • Make minor modification to tg3.c, compile and load module to get used to the process of compiling/testing kernel modules

Day 2 ( May 24 )

  • Todo: Add Journal for Day 2

Day 3 ( May 25 )

  • More datasheet and code reading about descriptor ring handling, receive/transmit, offloading functions
  • Completely unexpectedly discovered another tg3 test machine. I have 4 cards to test with now.
  • Removed ethtool support functions. Tested on 2 machines. Reduces lines of code by almost 2000 lines. Yay.
  • Started removing of checksum-offloading functions. Not yet pushed, as it's unfinished.
  • Created new Driver-only Repository. Easier to pull than a full kernel tree.

Day 4 ( May 26 )

  • Removed support for DMA addresses > 4GB
  • Removed workarounds needed on some variants for DMA addresses > 4GB
  • Removed power management functions
  • Started removing dependency on kernel's phylib. Luckily I have a card variant that uses the phylib in normal operation.
  • Brush up knowledge about memory barriers

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