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==== Opensolaris direct install iscsi ==== Documentation can be found here: === Prerequisites === A Solaris Express Community Edition (SXCE) Build 104 or later DVD === How to Install === Create an empty disk and expose over iSCSI Make sure the DVD-ROM is activated as second boot device (in bios) During install choose the Solaris Interactive mode (default). Once the network configuration is done, exit the installer (go to a shell) Use the iscsiadm command to connect your iSCSI Target ==for static config:== # iscsiadm add static-config iqn,target-ip:port # iscsiadm modify discovery -s enable ==for send targets== # iscsiadm add discovery address <target-ip> # iscsiadm modify discovery -t enable ===Find out the disk name: cXdXtX=== # iscsiadm list target -S If the Device oS name is not specified, try: # devfsadm -i iscsi ===Continue the installation==== run: # install-solaris The installer should continue, and the iscsi disk should be available After specifying the target LUN, type install-solaris. When the install wizard appears, select Next to resume the installation. === Successfully tested === Opensolaris SXCE build 129 was successfully installed, on a system using a Realtek 8168 NIC

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