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====== Application Notes ====== This section contains examples of specific tasks that people have accomplished using gPXE and related software. You may find some of these examples helpful. * [[:appnotes:fedora8iet|iSCSI Enterprise Target on Fedora 8]] - steps to install the iSCSI Enterprise Target ([[]]) on Fedora 8 * [[:appnotes:authmenus|User-specific boot menus]] - a proof of concept for providing dynamic boot menus to authenticated users * [[:appnotes:port_winnt_sanboot|Porting Windows XP to New Target Hardware via SAN-Booting]] - techniques to create a single image that supports many different computer models * [[:appnotes:cow|Copy-on-Write AoE]] - an illustration of using copy-on-write loopback devices to reduce disk usage on an AoE target * [[:appnotes:make_usb_drive|Creating a bootable DOS USB disk under Windows]] * [[:appnotes:tinycore|Tiny Core Linux over HTTP]] - a 10 MB Linux distro with apps loadable on demand * [[:appnotes:compaq-armada-flashing|Compaq Armada Flashing]] - steps to flash gPXE to a Compaq Armada (and Prosignia) Notebook * [[macbuild|Building gPXE on a Mac]] - includes advice on running it as well, but some driver support is required before that'll be useful * [[:appnoted|How to network boot operating systems with gPXE]] - How to setup a boot server and how to create a custom menu allowing you to chose a "boot profile". * [[:appnotes:varnishmirror|Poorman's Public mirror ]] - A way to mirror all your favorite distributions with little space. * [[:appnotes:autobootchainurl|Autoboot without a DHCP-supplied boot path]] - Optain IP routing via DHCP on any network interface and chainload from an embedded URL. * [[:appnotes:pxelinux_tftp_to_http_migration|PXELINUX/TFTP to gPXE/HTTP]] - Seemless Migration from TFTP/PXELINUX to HTTP/gPXE * [[:appnotes:san_transfer|SAN image transfer]] - Notes and alternative methods for transferring disk images to a SAN target * [[:appnotes:srp_install|SRP installation]] - Installing Windows Server 2008 directly to an SRP SAN target * [[:appnotes:bootbymacaddress|Boot by MAC Address]] - Network booting using MAC address to specify operating system image

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