A howto guide to building the kernel initramfs and bundling those into one .ebi or .elf file using wraplinux. This document is and will be for some time, a work in progress. I plan to include any scripts and related items that are generated, and to explain things as best I can. Over time, I hope this document reaches an point of simplicity that can only be duplicated, not surpassed. This document is focused around 2.6 Kernels, although it would probably work on 2.4 kernels, I do not have the need nor the time to try.

For the sake of keeping things sane, I will outline a working directory structure that puts everything in the root directory, in a folder named "scratch". ( /scratch ) 

Let's get started…

The Kernel ( Kernel .config settings, building, etc. )

Packages ( Packages needed, dhclient, switchroot, etc..)

The initramfs ( initramfs building, linuxrc, etc.. )

Packaging ( Building an .elf, .ebi, and possibly other formats using wraplinux )

Joshua McDowell (GPL V2)

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