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-====== Get PXE Knife working with QEMU over HTTP ======+====== Get PxeLinux and PXE-Knife working with QEMU over HTTP ======
-I am taking similar approach as I took for TFTP for which QEMU + PXE Knife combination is working if I use qemu TFTP stack+Note : use latest version of Pxelinux to work over HTTP, for me version 3.80 worked
-But when I try and use HTTP, with following command, it does not work.+ 
 +Following is the way to run Pxe-knife (or any pxelinux based system) over http.
 <​code> ​ <​code> ​
-qemu -fda gpxe.dsk -net nic -net user -bootp http://​​pxeknife/​pxelinux.0+qemu -fda gpxe.dsk -net nic -net user -bootp http://​​pxeknife/​pxelinux.0
 </​code>​ </​code>​
-It is getting stuck in same way as QEMU + PXELinux + TFTP combination is getting stuck. + 
-It loads pxelinux.0 successfully,​ but fails in loading ​//pxeknife/default// file with error +==== With gpxe embedded script ==== 
 +I recompiled the gpxe with following embedded script ../contrib/scripts/forpxeknife.gpxe, ​
 <​code>​ <​code>​
-Unable to locate configuration file+#!gpxe 
 +echo "Hi, We will be using PXEKnife from URL http://​www.alien.doesntexist.org/​pxeknife/"​ 
 +dhcp net0 
 +set 209:string /​pxeknife.cfg/​default 
 +set 210:string http://​www.alien.doesntexist.org/​pxeknife/​ 
 +echo "Here we go" 
 +chain http://​www.alien.doesntexist.org/​pxeknife/​pxelinux.0
 </​code>​ </​code>​
 +and I compile with following command ​
 + make clean && make  EMBEDDED_IMAGE=../​contrib/​scripts/​forpxeknife.gpxe
 +I execute qemu with no extra parameters at-all.
 +qemu -fda gpxe.dsk
 +===== Ready to use PXE-Knife over HTTP =====
 +If you want to try out PXE-Knife without installing then visit page  [[pxeknifeOverHttp]]
 +==== Problems ====
 +In case you encounter any problems with this then you can refer the page [[QemuPxeKnifeHTTPProbs]]

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