Get PxeLinux and PXE-Knife working with QEMU over HTTP

Note : use latest version of Pxelinux to work over HTTP, for me version 3.80 worked.

Following is the way to run Pxe-knife (or any pxelinux based system) over http.

qemu -fda gpxe.dsk -net nic -net user -bootp

or you can boot the online version of PXE-Knife using following command.

qemu -fda gpxe.dsk -net nic -net user -bootp

With gpxe embedded script

I recompiled the gpxe with following embedded script ../contrib/scripts/forpxeknife.gpxe,

echo "Hi, We will be using PXEKnife from URL"
dhcp net0
set 209:string /pxeknife.cfg/default
set 210:string
echo "Here we go"

and I compile with following command

 make clean && make  EMBEDDED_IMAGE=../contrib/scripts/forpxeknife.gpxe

I execute qemu with no extra parameters at-all.

qemu -fda gpxe.dsk

Ready to use PXE-Knife over HTTP

If you want to try out PXE-Knife without installing then visit page pxeknifeOverHttp


In case you encounter any problems with this then you can refer the page QemuPxeKnifeHTTPProbs

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