Attempt to add httpfs and iscsifs support to debian official release

Current Status

  1. Added dnsip parameter so that user can give his own DNS ip in case of static ip configuration.
  2. Now static and dhcp should work fine in debian.
  3. httpfs is done, now with improved code, it does not conflict with run-init.
  4. iscsifs is also working, but it conflicts with run-init ( so I am force to work with modified run-init).

Following the support request in mailing list.

difficult funcations

  1. setup_loop in initramfs /scripts/live-helpers, what it has to do with mounting httpfs?
  2. It is essentially losetup ${options} “${dev}” “${fspath}”

creating Harddisk Image

Aim is to create harddisk image, which can be used to boot kernel with initramfs, and then fetch the root filesystem over Internet.

This will avoid the need of gpxe, and hence will make it easy to test.

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