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 +Howdy. \\ 
 +My name is Marcin M. Jessa a.k.a YazzY.\\ ​
 +My everyday work concentrates around [[http://​www.linux.org |Linux]] and [[http://​www.sun.com/​software/​solaris/​ |Solaris]] but I have to admit my heart beats faster for BSDs. \\ 
 +In particular [[http://​www.netbsd.org |NetBSD]] and [[http://​www.freebsd.org |FreeBSD]]. \\ 
 +I am developing a BSD-based router solution - [[http://​www.wifibsd.org |wifiBSD]]. \\ 
 +If you want to get in touch with me connect using your favourite [[http://​en.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​Irc |IRC]] client to [[http://​irc.freenode.net |FreeNode]],​ join the '''#​ezUnix'''​ channel and talk to '''​YazzY'''​.\\ ​
 +My **Curriculum Vitae** : http://​www.yazzy.org/​cv/​

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