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 ====== Talks & Papers ====== ====== Talks & Papers ======
-The Etherboot Project ​makes regular appearances at LinuxWorld Expo and has had held talks and submitted papers ​at other venues.  This page provides ​links to talks and papers. ​ They are suited for giving ​an overview of the software and aspects ​of its development.  The user documentation is likely to be more current on specifics.+ 
 +Members of the Etherboot Project ​have made regular appearances at various conferences ​and trade shows, given talksand submitted papers. ​ This page links to some of those events ​and papers. ​ They provide ​an overview of our project and our software.   
 +===== Presentations with Video ===== 
 +  * [[http://​vimeo.com/​11948216|January 2010 IAP at MIT in January 2010 "​Introduction to Network Booting"​]] by Joshua Oreman 
 +    * [[http://​sipb.mit.edu/​iap/​netboot/​|Slides]] for Introduction to Network Booting. 
 +  * [[http://​www.motionbox.com/​videos/​1c98d2bd1d18e9c494?​iid=switch_player_sd&​type=sd|September 2009 LinuxCon Tutorial "​Recent Advances in Network Booting"​]] by Marty Connor 
 +  * [[http://​www.youtube.com/​watch?​v=wZB8KxXdiKg|February 2009 FOSDEM Talk "​Syslinux ​and the dynamic x86 boot process"​]] by H. Peter Anvin. ​ Includes a description ​of gPXELINUX at 17:00 and a terrific demo of booting over the internet at 19:28. 
 +  * [[http://​video.google.com/​videoplay?​docid=1911723796712805715|August 2008 Google Tech Talk "gPXE: Modern FOSS Network Booting"​]] by Marty Connor, H. Peter Anvin, Michael Brown 
 +  * [[http://​www.linux.com/​feature/​118636|The Etherboot/​gPXE BoF from LinuxWorld 2007]] by Marty Connor, HPeter Anvin, Donald Becker, Michael Brown
 ===== Papers ===== ===== Papers =====
-  * [[http://​edgyu.excess.org/​ols/​2008/​H%20Peter%20Anvin%20-%20x86%20network%20booting%3a%20integrating%20gPXE%20and%20PXELINUX.pdf|x86 Network Booting: Integrating gPXE and PXELINUX]] (H. Peter Anvin and Marty Connor) at 2008 Linux Symposium 
-===== Videos ===== +  ​* [[http://edgyu.excess.org/ols/2008/H%20Peter%20Anvin%20-%20x86%20network%20booting%3a%20integrating%20gPXE%20and%20PXELINUX.pdf|x86 Network Booting: Integrating ​gPXE and PXELINUX]] (H. Peter Anvin and Marty Connor) ​at 2008 ottawa Linux Symposium 
-  ​* [[http://www.linux.com/feature/118636|The Etherboot/gPXE BoF from LinuxWorld 2007]] (H. Peter Anvin, Donald Becker, Michael Brown, ​and Marty Connor)+

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