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====== EtherBoot/GPXE Wiki ====== Here you will find various information about the Etherboot Project, and a repository of useful contributions from people who use EtherBoot and gPXE. ===== News and Announcements ===== ==== Etherboot Project at LinuxWorld Expo! ==== --- //[[|Marty Connor]] 2006/08/16 06:10// We are attending our 12th [[|LinuxWorld Expo]] this week, and things are going very well! Here is our [[|webcam]] where you can watch us in our booth during show hours, and see views of San Francsisco at other times. At this show we are demonstrating gPXE, the next generation (and a rewrite) of Etherboot to enhance PXE compatibility, and add new capabilities. Some of the demos we are doing include: * Booting Linux over AOE ([[]]) using gPXE * Booting Windows Server 2003 over iSCSI using gPXE * Booting Linux using PXELINUX and gPXE * Loading PXELINUX using gPXE's HTTP support Traffic at the booth has been brisk, and we have met a lot of new people who are interested in our technology. ---- ==== Google Summer of Code ==== --- //[[|Marty Connor]] 2006/08/16 06:04// We are very pleased to be participating in [[ | Google's 2006 Summer of Code]] Project! We have four students working with us this summer, and you can read about their work here: * [[soc|EtherBoot/gPXE and Google Summer of Code 2006]]. ----

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