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 ====== Google Summer of Code ====== ====== Google Summer of Code ======
-[[http://​etherboot.org/​|Etherboot project]] has been successfully participating in [[http://​code.google.com/​soc|Google Summer of Code]] since 2006. 
-===== Choose ​year ===== +The [[http://​etherboot.org/​|Etherboot project]] has been participating in [[http://​code.google.com/​soc|Google Summer of Code]] since 2006 and has been generously accepted again for 2010. 
-  * [[soc:​2008]] + 
-  * [[soc:​2007]] +{{ :​bootroms.jpeg?​350×190|Some boot ROMs}} 
-  * [[soc:​2006]]+ 
 +==== General Information ​==== 
 +We (the [[http://​etherboot.org/​|Etherboot Project]]) create network booting code (gPXE) that allows computers to load their operating system from network. ​ gPXE can be stored in a number of places, including BIOS Flash, EPROMs, floppy, CD, HD, or other bootable media. ​ The project has been around since about 1993. 
 +We have a number of areas we can use help with.  Since our focus is on creating network boot code, it is important that you be comfortable with low-level programming -- that is, C and possibly some x86 assembler (though this is not essential for many projects, and you can pick it up as you go along). ​ You should also understand that efficiencies of code size, runtime size, and execution speed are important to us.  Low-level, or "​bare-metal"​ programming requires patience and focus, but the sense of control and deep understanding of what is happening, and why, can be very exhilarating.  
 +==== Project Ideas ==== 
 +Our project ideas page is [[soc:​ideas|here]]. 
 +==== For information about a specific year please choose below: ==== 
 +  * [[soc:​2011:​]] 
 +  * [[soc:​2010:​]] 
 +  * [[soc:​2009:​]] 
 +  * [[soc:2008:]] 
 +  * [[soc:2007:]] 
 +  * [[soc:2006:]] 
 +==== Where to find us ==== 
 +We generally hang out in the ''#​etherboot''​ channel on the FreeNode IRC network (irc.freenode.net). ​ Please feel free to drop in and ask questions, discuss ideas, etc.  We talk to all applicants individually as part of the selection process and, if we accept you as a Summer of Code student, we'll expect to talk to you in the IRC channel at least every couple of days. 
 +Our mentors for Summer of Code (with their IRC nicknames) are: 
 +  * Marty Connor [''​mdc''​] (Project Leader, Developer, Etherboot Project) 
 +  * Stefan Hajnoczi [''​stefanha''​] (Developer, Etherboot Project) 
 +  * Gene Cumm [''​genec''​] (Contributor,​ Etherboot Project) 
 +You can reach the mentors directly via e-mail using <​soc-mentors@etherboot.org>​. ​ There is also the [[https://​etherboot.org/​mailman/​listinfo/​gpxe|gPXE mailing list]] (you must subscribe before posting). 

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