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 [[http://​git.etherboot.org/​people/​pcmattman/​gpxe.git/​commit/​fe7ef6e404ca2597c915e7a1937154ff7afddc22|Commit containing fixes]] that were needed for HTTP booting on my network. (fe7ef6e404ca2597c915e7a1937154ff7afddc22) [[http://​git.etherboot.org/​people/​pcmattman/​gpxe.git/​commit/​fe7ef6e404ca2597c915e7a1937154ff7afddc22|Commit containing fixes]] that were needed for HTTP booting on my network. (fe7ef6e404ca2597c915e7a1937154ff7afddc22)
 +==== Day 4 (June 2) ====
 +Did some more work on HTTP booting today.
 +[[http://​git.etherboot.org/​people/​pcmattman/​gpxe.git/​commit/​6df968c5cfbb70c1ae1ee00c67ff07b5433c1f7d|First thing that I fixed up]] was address autoconfiguration,​ which now uses router advertisements to obtain a prefix to use. This allows the gPXE host to get a globally routable address without asking for it (although I will add router solicits shortly).
 +[[http://​git.etherboot.org/​people/​pcmattman/​gpxe.git/​commit/​471457a331a9cae56dd103a0cdd85cdcdf9402d7|After this, I implemented AAAA records into DNS]] and set up a VPS I'm renting to use a Hurricane Electric tunnel for IPv6. [[http;//​ipv6.theiselins.net/​gpxe/​ipv6.gpxe|It'​s all set up with DNS]], too (IPv6 required for link).
 +The most important change this evening however was to [[http://​git.etherboot.org/​people/​pcmattman/​gpxe.git/​commit/​c7883b820acfd07f5dd893015f6179e38a93fcc8|fix the IPv6 routing]] to work on both the local network as well as the Internet. This made it possible to boot a kernel from my IPv6 test server, which worked extremely well.
 +Things are progressing nicely now, and I'm maintaining the pace I outlined in my project plan. It doesn'​t look like I'll miss the deadline on this week's milestones.
 +Next up this week is Router Solicit messages and finishing off ICMPv6.

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