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   * [[soc:​2010:​cooldavid:​journal:​week9|Week 9]]:   * [[soc:​2010:​cooldavid:​journal:​week9|Week 9]]:
     * TCP cleanup     * TCP cleanup
-    * Trace gPXE boot initialize steps in detail. Especially for Segment and Page setup, and mode change. +    * Trace gPXE boot initialize steps about memory ​environment setup.
-    * Choose a reasonable way to extend heap memory.+
   * [[soc:​2010:​cooldavid:​journal:​week10|Week 10]]:   * [[soc:​2010:​cooldavid:​journal:​week10|Week 10]]:
     * Cleanup TCP receive queue/​SACK/​Window scale patches     * Cleanup TCP receive queue/​SACK/​Window scale patches

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