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Week 2

Day 1

Git commit: 318ca039b7381e67e04f92447d9b2a211fe9541a

Today was about reorganizing parts of what I've written so far and taking some time to analyze things and try to see the big picture. Also, I did some debugging in the Linux driver (insert printks, make modules, make modules_install, modprobe -r pcnet32, modprobe pcnet32) and found out that even that one takes an unneeded branch at one point and tries to modify some registers that aren't available on older chips. Since the datasheets say that accessing inexistent registers might summon some nasty demons, I avoided this in my code. It could be that those accesses do some undocumented stuff, but for now I'll keep this in mind and see how things turn out when the driver is all done.

Other than that, I'm all set up for tackling the transmit and receive parts, which I'll start tomorrow.

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