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   - [[fedora11bko|Fedora 11 in BKO]] -- Able to boot indirectly after disabling ''​networking''​ and ''​NetworkManager''​ --   - [[fedora11bko|Fedora 11 in BKO]] -- Able to boot indirectly after disabling ''​networking''​ and ''​NetworkManager''​ --
-===== Level 2 Headline ​=====+===== 27 July ===== 
 +  - Working on deployment script. 
 +  - Completed the deployment script. 
 +  - There were small (and stupid) error which surfaced in the process of actual deployment, fixed them. 
 +  - Started the deployment process 
 +  - There was urgent need to support URL as boot.kernel.org mirror selection works at dns level. 
 +    - Adding /​etc/​resolv.conf to all the distributions with pre-configured value ''​nameserver''​ 
 +  - By end of the day, only debian was properly working over BKO. knoppix was getting stuck somewhere inbetween.
 +===== 28 July =====
 +  - As mirror selection is done at DNS level, removed the entries for URL's from boot menu.
 +  - added default ''/​etc/​resolv.conf''​ to all distributions
 +  - DSL is throwing following error 
 +httpfs : getaddrinfo rom.etherboot.org - Name or service not known.
 +  - About ubuntu, it is booting properly from squashfs, but ISO is not booting. ​ Most probably I have messed up the script where selection between iso and squashfs is done
 +===== 29-30 July =====
 +  - After some debugging I agree with Warthog now that the problem indeed is long boot parameters.
 +  - Worked on fixing the problem by shortening the URL names.
 +    - Shortened the Directory names
 +    - Shortened the ISO names
 +    - moved out the pxeknife part
 +===== 31 July =====
 +  - After discussion with Warthog9, decided to revert back the old style.
 +  - And the problem of long boot parameters will be solved by hardcoding the boot parameters inside initramfs.
 +  - Realized the problem that we will be facing,
 +    - Will need separate initramfs for all locations. (as location is hardcoded in)
 +    - The change of location will trigger modification of code of all distributions :-(

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