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 </​code>​ </​code>​
 +Got some information about this error on [[http://​wiki.debian.org/​initramfs/​More|debian wiki]]
 +which says that
 +When switching another root device, initrd would pivot_root and then umount the ramdisk. But initramfs is rootfs: ​
 +you shouldn'​t pivot_root rootfs and can't unmount it. Just delete everything out of it (except the new block device node, if any),
 + ​overmount /, and exec the new init. (The klibc package contains a helper program in utils/​run_init.c to do this for you, 
 +and other packages have adopted this as switch_root.) ​
 +Now, I don't know for sure, which files are not getting deleated and hence causing problem.
 +==== A question ====
 +what is the differnece between debian script and ubuntu script that filesystem.squashfs is not working with ubuntu, but it works with debian?
 +   - comparing ''​d/​scripts/​live''​ with ''​u/​scripts/​casper''​ --- too different, diff went crazy with this command. ​ They are as good as seperate program who do similar work.
 +   - comparing ''​d/​bin/​run-init''​ with ''​u/​bin/​run-init'',​ --- they are same.
 +   - comparing ''​d/​init''​ with ''​u/​init''​ -- not much of difference
 +This approach is not working for me, I will try another approach.
 +==== analyzing run_init.c ====
 +My guess is that, run_init.c is the one who is dying, and it seems he does allow you to specify the files which should not be deleted.
 +I want to see how to tell that to run_init.c
 +  - Another thing that I want to try out is, what if I dont delete the contents of initramfs? I will remove that check from run_init.c will system still boot?
 +    - My guess is that, ''​overmount /''​ may fail.
 +  - Now, I need to locate the source code of run_init.c
 +===== Ubuntu over iscsi =====
 +  - Following the line of [[BKODebianISCSI|Debian over iscsi]], attempted the Ubuntu over iscsi, but it did not worked.
 +===== Problem found =====
 +  - From the progress in fedora, it seems that problem is because network is restarting itself, which kills the the network and mounted HTTPFS. ​ Culprits are 
 +    - ''/​etc/​init.d/​network''​
 +    - ''/​etc/​init.d/​NetworkManager''​
 +===== Solution =====
 +The temporary hack implemented is **Delete these two files** before doing ''​run-init''​. ​ This hack works fine in this case, only problem is that the ''/​etc/​resolver.conf''​
 +entry remains empty so dns resolving does not work.  Need to fix this soon.

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