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 +====== Adding embedded script support to rom-o-matic.net ======
 +This support is extension of **Configure** option and is added with help of javascript.\\
 +One extra checkbox is added for //enabling embedded script support//​.\\
 +On clicking this checkbox, text-area is provided to user for adding his script.\\
 +Tow more checkboxs are provided, one for //disabling embedded script support// ​
 +and another for adding one more script.\\
 +This way, user can add any number of embedded scripts.\\
 +Commit hash can be found [[http://​git.etherboot.org/?​p=people/​pravin/​rom-o-matic-BKO.git;​a=commit;​h=77f4559d046ebe6eb452e882220ae15ea350587c|here]]

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