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 ===== Notes ===== ===== Notes =====
 +  * Information on the [[.:​protocol|802.11 protocol]], as culled from the oft-convoluted 802.11-2007 standard. (Note that the new high-speed 802.11n standard is not finalized and costs a fairly significant sum, so gPXE will probably not support it, at least at first. 802.11-2007 is free from IEEE's website.)
 +  * A gPXE 802.11 [[.:​design|design overview]] describing the tradeoffs I've chosen (for now, at least) and design I've sketched out to hopefully have an elegant final result.
 +  * Wikipedia has a good [[http://​en.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​Comparison_of_open_source_wireless_drivers|table of current open-source wireless support]], though it's slightly out of date.
 +  * Interesting Idea that may well go nowhere: [[.:​modules|loading part of gPXE over the network]].

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