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     * [[http://​git.etherboot.org/?​p=people/​oremanj/​gpxe.git;​a=commit;​h=dcd4ae5d0edbc9abd429bce50f0e58726cdfe00b|     * [[http://​git.etherboot.org/?​p=people/​oremanj/​gpxe.git;​a=commit;​h=dcd4ae5d0edbc9abd429bce50f0e58726cdfe00b|
 [iwmgmt] Add user-level 802.11 management commands and common error tables]] [+1,779 bytes] [iwmgmt] Add user-level 802.11 management commands and common error tables]] [+1,779 bytes]
 +I took the opportunity to make the Realtek naming sane:
 +  % make bin/​rtl8180.lkrn ​      # for an 8180 chipset with any of the 802.11b RF modules
 +  % make bin/​rtl8185.lkrn ​      # for an 8185 chipset with its 8225 RF module
 +  % make bin/​rtl818x--rtl8180_sa2400.lkrn ​    # 8180 chipset with a specific RF module, for the size-pressed
 +  % make bin/​10ec8185.rom ​      # rtl8185 generic PCI card ROM (needs to be piggybacked on e.g. an r8169)
 +The main driver code is now called "​rtl818x"​ to signify that it works for both 8180 and 8185. It was getting quite confusing having some things named rtl8180 and some named rtl818x. The original distinction between the two (from the Linux driver) was that the rtl818x structures also applied to the rtl8187 USB device; I doubt gPXE is ever going to support wireless USB devices, so we don't have to follow that lead. The rtl8180.c and rtl8185.c are each wrapper files (zero bytes compiled) that use ''​REQUIRE_OBJECT()''​ to pull in the necessary ''​rtl818x.o''​ main driver and whatever RF modules are required for the type of card they represent; each also contains a dummy list of ''​PCI_ROM''​ lines for that card, to enable the form of ''​make''​ shown in the last line above. The real NIC list in ''​rtl818x.c''​ is presented such that ''​parserom.pl''​ will not be confused by it.
 +I also moved the wireless code into net/80211/ (from the root of net/), in recognition that there will be several more files appearing there shortly to support encryption.
 Commits ready for mainline review, in reverse order: Commits ready for mainline review, in reverse order:

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