July 13: Didn't work much today. Just a little cleaning up of the the return code. Now, control flow statements like if, else, while, etc. do not modify the rc variable.

July 18: Added comments. I've started a new branch, scripting_test for integration into gPXE. Pushed the quoting changes to this branch, as a first commit. Hopefully it will stand up to the scrutiny. Also made a bash script to automate testing of the scripting features. The steps are:

  • Pick up each .gpxe file in turn from the src/tests/ directory
  • Boot gPXE in qemu and pass the script using the -bootp switch
  • Capture the output in a temporary file
  • Kill qemu after a timeout
  • Remove the beginning lines of the file, upto 'Booting from filename…'
  • Compare this to a pre-made output file

Qemu is run as:

qemu -tftp . -cdrom bin/gpxe.iso -bootp tftp://$GSCRIPT -serial stdio > test_out 2>/dev/null &

Today's commits:

July 19: Still cleaning up the code. One of the things to be done is to reduce the number of global variables, and move the necessary ones to header files, to reduce the coupling between files. So, I added a new header file to deal with the branch and loop variables. Also went through the scripting_test commit, and made a few small changes: increased the max number of arguments to 68, and a few cosmetic changes. Today's commits:

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