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 +====== Daniel Verkamp: Automated regression testing ======
 +===== Journal Week 8 =====
 +==== Thursday, July 16 ====
 +Resuming work today after travel...
 +The testcase I have been using with the automated QEMU system had been having trouble getting a DHCP address on the gPXE client some of the time, and this was reoccuring more often in my current tests, so I created a new snapshot, being sure that the server was fully started and ready to accept requests before taking the snapshot. ​ Now it works reliably, with the client getting an address from DHCP every time.
 +I also encountered a problem where the VM snapshot would take longer than the given timeout (5 seconds) to load with a cold cache, so I increased the timeout for QEMU commands from 5 to 15 seconds: [[http://​git.etherboot.org/?​p=people/​dverkamp/​gpxe.git;​a=commitdiff;​h=29d756b81f613585850c533a65b7e7c2ae4cf28d|commit]].

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