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====== Boot scripts ====== You can use any of the commands found in the [[commandline|gPXE command line reference]] as instructions in a script file to boot your OS. For example, [[]] contains the following gPXE commands: #!gpxe kernel root=100 initrd boot or this will boot from iSCSI: #!gpxe sanboot === Embedded images === gPXE normally fetches images over the network using TFTP, HTTP, iSCSI, or other network protocols. It is also possible to //embed// an image file inside gPXE and make it available without fetching over the network. By embedding gPXE scripts, you can customize gPXE's behavior before its first network access. For example, static network configuration can be done by embedding a gPXE script. Images are embedded when building gPXE with ''make'': <code> $ make EMBEDDED_IMAGE=../contrib/scripts/static.gpxe </code> This builds a gPXE image which executes the ''static.gpxe'' script on startup. The ''static.gpxe'' sample script works with QEMU's user network stack: <code> #!gpxe ifopen net0 set net0/ip set net0/netmask set net0/gateway set net0/dns kernel boot </code> Multiple images can be embedded: <code> $ make EMBEDDED_IMAGE=../contrib/scripts/gpxelinux.gpxe,/usr/lib/syslinux/pxelinux.0 </code> This builds a gPXE image which executes the ''gpxelinux.gpxe'' script on startup. The ''gpxelinux.gpxe'' script performs DHCP before loading the embedded ''pxelinux.0'' image and executing it: <code> #!gpxe dhcp net0 imgload img1 boot </code> see [[soc/2008/stefanha/journal/week8#sat_19_2008|Stefanha's Summer of Code 2008 Week 8 journal]]

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