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 {{screenshots/​gpxe-xp.png?​640x512|Windows XP}} {{screenshots/​gpxe-xp.png?​640x512|Windows XP}}
 +==== Command line ====
 +{{ screenshots/​gpxe-cmdline.png?​320x200|Command line}}
 +gPXE has a command shell built in, which allows you to interact with the system and run commands even before the DHCP request takes place. ​ You can assign IP addresses, check network interface statistics, manually download files, and so on.
 +gPXE also supports script files, which are just sequences of commands; a typical script might look something like
 +    #!gpxe
 +    ​
 +    kernel http://​www.etherboot.org/​boot/​vmlinuz vga=788
 +    initrd http://​www.etherboot.org/​boot/​initrd.img
 +    boot

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