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Boot from SAN

Windows Server 2003

gPXE allows you to boot an operating system directly from a Storage Area Network, using a protocol such as iSCSI or AoE. In this setup, you do not need a TFTP server or any other boot-time-only server. The operating system is loaded directly from the network-attached disk.

This method allows you to boot operating systems that do not usually support network booting, such as Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Microsoft Windows XP, or various flavours of DOS, in addition to operating systems such as Linux which already have the capability to boot from a network.

Setting up an operating system to boot from SAN is a four-stage process. These pages will guide you through each of the four stages:

  1. Preparing the operating system disk image
  2. Transferring the disk image to a SAN target
  3. Exporting the disk image from the SAN target
  4. Booting from the exported disk image

First, please select your operating system:

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