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 {{ winaoe:​winaoe15.png }} {{ winaoe:​winaoe15.png }}
-Go to the //Details// tab and choose "​Service" ​in the pulldown ​menu. +Go to the //Details// tab and choose "​Service" ​from the drop-down ​menu.  Make a note of the network card service name ("​E1000"​ in the above example).
-Note the service name for the next step.+
-{{winaoe:​winaoe16.png}}+===== Enabling network boot =====
-Open regedit ​(Start -> Run -> "regedit") and browse to the key "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services". +Start up Registry Editor ​(//Start// -> //Run// -> //regedit//) and browse to the key //HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services//.
-There browse to the key which you found in the last step (the "​Service"​ of the network adapter)+
-{{winaoe:winaoe17.png}}+{{ winaoe:winaoe16.png }}
-Double click the "Start" ​key on the left panel, change the Value data to 0 and press Ok.+Click on the network card service key ("E1000" ​in this example), then double-click ​on "​Start"​ in the right-hand ​panel.
-You are now done with installing WinAoE with boot support.+{{ winaoe:​winaoe17.png }} 
 +Change the //Value data// to 0 and click on //OK//. 
 +NOTE: If you are using a Nvidia network card, you may have to use the RIS drivers or set the "​Start"​ to 0 for the nvnetbus service as well. 
 +You are now ready to
   * [[sanboot:​transfer|Transfer the Microsoft Windows disk image to your AoE target]]   * [[sanboot:​transfer|Transfer the Microsoft Windows disk image to your AoE target]]

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