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-====== Exporting disk image files via iSCSI on Linux ====== 
-===== Installing the iSCSI target software ===== 
-If you do not have dedicated iSCSI target hardware, you will need to install the iSCSI Enterprise Target Daemon (ietd). ​ If you are lucky, then your distro will already have packaged this for you; try installing a package called //​iscsitarget//​ or //​iscsi-target//​. ​ If this fails, you can download the source for the latest version from [[http://​sourceforge.net/​project/​showfiles.php?​group_id=108475&​package_id=117141]]. 
-===== Adding an iSCSI target image ===== 
-To add a disk image file as an iSCSI target, you need to add the following two lines to ///​etc/​ietd.conf//:​ 
-    Target iqn.2007-08.name.dns.my:​image 
-        Lun 0 Path=/​path/​to/​image/​file.img,​Type=fileio 
-where ///​path/​to/​image/​file.img//​ is the path to your disk image file, and //​name.dns.my//​ is your DNS name in reverse order. 
-(For completeness,​ you should also replace //2007-08// with the year and month in which you first obtained your DNS domain. ​ The iSCSI naming schemes are somewhat pedantic, but it won't affect anything in practice; as long as the target name is unique then everything will work just fine.) 
-Make a note of the iSCSI target IQN that you chose (//​iqn.2007-08.name.dns.my:​image//​ in the above example). ​ You are now ready to 
-  * [[sanboot:​iscsi_boot|Boot from your iSCSI target image]] 

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