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 +Here you will find a description of setup for FreeDOS to boot over SAN. I've tested it successfully using SCST target and exporting an iSCSI disk to my workstation for the setup of the DOS system. Please note that floppy images won't work since the initiator sets up SCSI harddisk semantics.
 ====== Required tools ====== ====== Required tools ======
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 Once you have the device in place, create the filesystem. Once you have the device in place, create the filesystem.
- + \\ 
 **Example command:** \\  ​ **Example command:** \\  ​
-''​ ./​makebootfat -v \ \\ +''​./​makebootfat -v \ \\ 
  -o /dev/sdb \ \\   -o /dev/sdb \ \\ 
  -E 255 \ \\   -E 255 \ \\ 
Line 35: Line 37:
  -c command.com \ \\   -c command.com \ \\ 
  image''​  image''​
 +Note that you need to change the device accordingly. Also, the directory ''​image''​ must exist for this command to succeed. It doesn'​t carry any special meaning here. Now you've got a bootable FreeDOS image. ​
 +====== Adding files ======
 +When ''​makebootfat''​ runs, the system doesn'​t notice the partition table change on that device. To be able to mount the newly created filesystem you need to run \\
 +''#​ blockdev --rereadpt /​dev/​sdb''​ \\ 
 +Now you can mount ''​sdb1''​ and add other dirs and files. Take care not to move the ''​kernel.sys''​ and ''​command.com''​ files.

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