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     # 00:0C:29 - the MAC part of VMware vendor - we are booting a VM     # 00:0C:29 - the MAC part of VMware vendor - we are booting a VM
     dhcp-host=00:​0c:​29:​aa:​bb:​cc,​gPXE-client,​net:​gPXE-PCnet32,​,​10m     dhcp-host=00:​0c:​29:​aa:​bb:​cc,​gPXE-client,​net:​gPXE-PCnet32,​,​10m
-    dhcp-boot=net:​gPXE-PCnet32,​gpxe-git-pcnet32.pxe+    dhcp-boot=net:​gPXE-PCnet32,​undionly.kpxe
     dhcp-userclass=gPXE-booted,"​gPXE"​     dhcp-userclass=gPXE-booted,"​gPXE"​
     dhcp-boot=net:​gPXE-booted,​http://​my.web.server/​real_boot_script.php     dhcp-boot=net:​gPXE-booted,​http://​my.web.server/​real_boot_script.php
-The file gpxe-git-pcnet32.pxe is located in the /tftproot/ folder.+The file undionly.kpxe is located in the /tftproot/ folder.
 ==== Using the Windows DHCP server ==== ==== Using the Windows DHCP server ====

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