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 +==== Using EtherBoot as a PXE boot rom ====
 +EtherBoot is a multi-functional boot loader tool. It can either be used as a PXE boot ROM, or as a [[pxe2ndstage|2nd stage loader]] comparable to PXElinux.
 +Anyway, if you want to have an open source boot rom in your system BIOS, on your [[burningroms|network card ROM]] socket, on a [[eb_imagetypes|floppy or a cdrom]], then EtherBoot is right for you.
 +With the most recent EtherBoot releases (as available from [[http://​www.rom-o-matic.net|Rom-O-Matic]] without the need to compile anything yourself), PXE support is compiled in by default. Those ROMs will be able to either load bpbatch, [[http://​syslinux.zytor.com/​pxe.php|PXELinux]],​ any PXE second stage loader, or the traditional mknbi-tagged Linux kernels directly.

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