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 ==== How to Fix ==== ==== How to Fix ====
-3com deliver a firmware upgrade ​and can be downloaded ​[[ftp://​ftp.3com.com/​pub/​nic/​3c90x/​util430.exe|here]]. +3com deliver a firmware upgrade ​which used to live [[ftp://​ftp.3com.com/​pub/​nic/​3c90x/​util430.exe|here]]; however the upgrade is apparently no longer available direct from 3Com but copies can still be found on [[http://​www.filewatcher.com/​m/​util430.exe.1945735.0.0.html|other sites]]. This file has to be decompressed and run in a real dos mode.
-This file have to be decompressed and run in a real dos mode.+
 Then run //​mbaflash.exe//​ Then run //​mbaflash.exe//​

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