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 cd /​usr/​src/​linux\\ cd /​usr/​src/​linux\\
 Clean the source tree. ( make clean )\\ Clean the source tree. ( make clean )\\
-Dig into the menuconfig for the kernel. ( make menuconfig )\\+Dig into the menuconfig for the kernel. ( make menuconfig ) The following kernel options must be set in order to boot your kernel over etherboot.\\
 Under "​Networking --> Networking options"​ : Under "​Networking --> Networking options"​ :
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   [*] IP: BOOTP support   [*] IP: BOOTP support
   ​   ​
 +Under "File systems"​ :
 +  [*] Second extended fs support
 +  [ ]   Ext2 extended attributes
 +  [ ]   Ext2 execute in place support
 +  [*]   Ext3 journalling file system support
 +  [*]   Ext3 extended attributes
 +  [ ]   Ext3 POSIX Access Control Lists
 +  [ ]   Ext3 Security Labels
 +Under "File systems --> Network File Systems"​ :
 +  [*] NFS file system support
 +  [*] Provide NFSv3 client support
 +  [*] Root file system on NFS
 +Compiling the ext2 and ext3 file systems into the kernel, rather than modules makes sense for now.  I am uncertain if one could ever compile ext2 as a module and still boot due to the initramfs.\\
 +The above options are not the only thing you will need to get your nodes up and booting.\\
 +You will need motherboard specific modules, for the computer you will be booting. ​ An easy way to get a list is to boot a gentoo install cd, or another system that you trust. ​ Once in the shell, get a list of loaded modules. ( lsmod )  Write down the list in use.  Then deselect any modules you do not need, making sure you have selected the modules that you do need.  ​
 +[[elf-ebi-initramfs-lnxi-howto/​the_kernel/​the_kernel_3 | Next]]

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