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====== Etherboot/gPXE Wiki ====== {{ nic.jpeg?237x222|A network card}} gPXE is an open source (GPL) network bootloader. It provides a direct replacement for proprietary PXE ROMs, with many extra features such as DNS, HTTP, iSCSI, etc. Take a look at our [[:screenshots|Screenshots]] page and the [[:howtos|HowTo Guides]] for some ideas of what we can do, and grab the code from our [[:download|Download]] page. gPXE evolved from Etherboot, and is maintained by the Etherboot project. Here you will find various information about the Etherboot Project, and a repository of useful contributions from people who use Etherboot and gPXE. We hope you find this information useful. We are always looking for new people to help us improve our projects. We need people who can program, write/edit documentation, update websites, and provide help on our Etherboot-Discuss mailing list. Please join us, and become part of a great Open Source project! --- //[[|Marty Connor]] 2006/08/16 06:24// --- //[[|Michael Brown]] 2007/08/04 02:03// ===== News and Announcements ===== {{|GSoC logo}} ==== Google Summer of Code 2008 ==== We been accepted as a mentoring organization to participate in [[ | Google's 2008 Summer of Code]] Project!! We are looking forward to a great summer of design, implementation, documentation, and testing! * [[:soc:2008:|Our GSoC 2008 project page]] For project Ideas and other information about potential projects see here: * [[soc:start|EtherBoot/gPXE and Google Summer of Code]] \\ --- //[[|Marty Connor]] 2008/05/19 18:15:11 UTC// ---- {{|LinuxWorld logo}} ==== LinuxWorld Expo 2007, San Francisco ==== The Etherboot project will be present at [[|LinuxWorld Expo]] in San Francisco from August 7-9. We will be demonstrating all our exciting new features to passers-by, and giving a talk on New Developments in FOSS Network Booting. **Update 2007/08/09** We had an excellent show, with demos of iSCSI-bootable Windows Server 2003 and Ubuntu Linux, AoE-bootable Windows XP, and HTTP booting. (For light relief, we also demonstrated iSCSI-booting into Windows 3.11, FreeDOS, and MS-DOS 6.22, including running the DOS version of DOOM.) --- //[[|Michael Brown]] 2007/08/04 02:08// ---- {{|GSoC logo}} ==== Google Summer of Code 2007 ==== We have been accepted to participate in [[ | Google's 2007 Summer of Code]] Project!! We are looking forward to a great summer of design, implementation, documentation, and testing! For more details, please see: * [[soc:start|EtherBoot/gPXE and Google Summer of Code]] --- //[[|Marty Connor]] 2007/03/15 14:42 GMT// ---- {{|LinuxWorld logo}} ==== LinuxWorld Expo 2006, San Francisco ==== We attended our 11th [[|LinuxWorld Expo]] in August, and things went very well! We had a webcam [[|webcam]] in our booth during show hours, and views of San Francsisco at other times. At this show we demonstrated a pre-release of gPXE, the next generation (and a rewrite) of Etherboot to enhance PXE compatibility, and add new capabilities. Some of the demos we we did included: * Booting Linux over AOE ([[]]) using gPXE * Booting Windows Server 2003 over iSCSI using gPXE * Booting Linux using [[|PXELINUX]] and gPXE * gPXE's HTTP support for loading files Traffic at the booth was brisk, and we met a lot of new people who are interested in our technology. **Update** Please note that some of the code for iSCSI booting of Windows has been temporarily taken out of the gPXE codebase at the request of Microsoft Corporation. One necessary part for iSCSI boot in Windows is the iBFT data structure which Microsoft claims is proprietary at this time. **Update 13 March 2007** Microsoft has released an iBFT specifications document which requires agreeing to a Microsoft License Agreement to download. We have asked the [[|Software Freedom Law Center]] to examine the required license and give us an opinion on whether we can safely release open source code based on the specification. **Update 9 August 2007** IBM has released the iBFT specification document under GPL-friendly terms. The iBFT code, based on the IBM document, is now back in the codebase. [[:sanboot|Enjoy!]] ----

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