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 +====== Documentation for gPXE ======
 +===== Source Code Documentation =====
 +Many parts of the gPXE code-base include commenting for use with the Doxygen system. ​ To build this documentation for browsing, go into gPXE src/ directory and do
 +  make doc
 +You will then have the documentation available in your gpxe/​src/​bin/​doc/​ directory.
 +A sample build is available [[http://​etherboot.org/​api/​modules.html|here]].
 ====== Documentation for Etherboot ====== ====== Documentation for Etherboot ======
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   * [[multicast|Multicast protocol support (slam/​tftp-multicast)]]   * [[multicast|Multicast protocol support (slam/​tftp-multicast)]]
   * [[safebootmode|Experimental SafeBootMode cryptographic boot image check]]   * [[safebootmode|Experimental SafeBootMode cryptographic boot image check]]
 +  * [[romdumping|Dumping PCI expansion ROMs]]
 ==== Using the "​mknbi"​ Utility with Etherboot ==== ==== Using the "​mknbi"​ Utility with Etherboot ====
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   * [[dev:​netdriverapi|gPXE Network Driver API]]   * [[dev:​netdriverapi|gPXE Network Driver API]]
   * [[dev:​gdbstub|GDB remote debugging]]   * [[dev:​gdbstub|GDB remote debugging]]
- +  * [[dev:​prefixdebugging|Prefix debugging]]

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