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 === Windows 9x/​Me/​NT/​2000/​XP === === Windows 9x/​Me/​NT/​2000/​XP ===
 Extract/​install the programmer software and start programming Extract/​install the programmer software and start programming
 === Linux === === Linux ===
 Install [[http://​www.winehq.org/​|Wine]] Install [[http://​www.winehq.org/​|Wine]]
-"If you are going to use more Windows software than the Willem programmer software, I would recommend to install ​[[http://​www.playonlinux.com/|PlayOnLinux]] as well" --- //​[[wiki:​user:​ghstwlf|Pär Moberg]]//+== Wine == 
 +Wine is usually included in the packet repository of your distribution but the latest development releases for the big dists can be found at [[http://​www.winehq.org/​download/]] with good instructions. 
 +== Wine prefix == 
 +A wine prefix is usefull to make for the programmer software since its needs is quite specific. It will be needed to run in Win9x mode and not in a WinNT/NT derivative mode. It also need a registry hack. 
 +"In this tutorial I will be using the folder **EPROM** under my home directory to setup wine in" --- //​[[wiki:​user:​ghstwlf|Pär Moberg]]// 
 +**Warning:​** treat everything you have to type inside this tutorial as case-sensitive. 
 +First make a folder and go to it in a terminal window\\ 
 +Now, to make Wine aware of that this is a prefix we need to export this directory to environment as WINEPREFIX\\ 
 +''​export WINEPREFIX=$PWD''​\\ 
 +And to check that it worked\\ 
 +''​echo $WINEPREFIX''​\\ 
 +It should return the full path-name of your folder. 
 +Now lets populate this folder with some useful stuff.\\ 
 +This will fill the $WINEPREFIX-folder with a basic wine system.\\ 
 +Now you have started the wine configuration tool and only thing we have to do here is to change windows-version to Windows 98\\ 
 +''​wine regedit''​ 
 +Inside of the register editor add the ''​VDM''​ key and then the ''​ppdev''​ key inside it.\\ 
 +Add the Sting named ''​378''​ with the value ''/​dev/​parport0''​ (if /​dev/​parport0 is your parallel port) 
 +if you export ''​ppdev''​ using the register editor, the contents of the file should look something like this:\\ 
 +Now download/​copy your programmer software to $WINEPREFIX-folder and extract it if necessary.

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