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* Work 16 hours per day every week-day 8-O * NASM NSIS script * XP-via-SMB AppNote * XP Pivot_Root Driver/"Native" .EXE * XP "Fall-through" filesystem filter * Port Ubuntu initrd for HTTPFS FUSE connection to public filesystem.squashfs * memdisk mapping * memdisk El Torito (.ISO-boot) * gPXE iSCSI & AoE code for floppy and ODD media * gPXE (or maybe general) compact scripting language system * Finish gPXE cmdline+initrd code * Grow some NASM skills by fixing NASM bugs * Single-instance file store logic for various FSs * port memdisk to COM32 module * Console-redirector-hooking COM32 module for redirecting via gPXE-provided network * Timer-hooking COM32 module for count-down automatic reboots (anti-user-intervention)

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