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====== Acknowledgements ====== The following people have contributed substantially to Etherboot. If you feel your name has been left out, just let me know and I will fix it up. | Markus Gutschke | Co-author of Etherboot. He was the person who ported the Netboot suite from FreeBSD. He has enhanced Etherboot with many features, one new driver and has contributed various utilities and addons. | | Gero Kuhlmann | The original mknbi utilities used by Etherboot are from Netboot. He has also clarified the original specification by Jamie Honan. | | Jamie Honan | Jamie started Netboot off by writing the first version that used code from a packet driver. | | Martin Renters et. al | The original authors of Netboot on FreeBSD. | | Bruce Evans | Created bcc compiler used by Etherboot/16 (16 bit ROMs are no longer supported). | | Rob de Bath | Current maintainer of bcc and associated tools like as86, used in older versions of Etherboot to assemble the x86 assembly language files. | | Gerd Knorr | Contributed MASQ for making a boot floppy without DOS. | | Adam Richter | Contributed comboot for making a boot floppy without DOS. | | Claus-Justus Heine | Contributed patch for serial console and NFS swapping. See the contrib/nfs-swap directory for his Web page. | | Dickon Reed | Contributed display of loading status and a hack for the 3c509 card. | | David Munro | PCI detection code originally from Linux sources. | * Charlie Brady Donated NE2100 card so that a driver could be written, and helped test the LancePCI driver. Spotted bug with 4.1 header code. * Rogier Wolff Created Intel EtherExpressPro 100 driver and binary to hex converter. * Vlag Lungu Contributed patches to work with DHCP. Also contributed a fix to match the received XID against the transmitted one, important in a network with many requesters. * William Arbaugh Patches for eepro to work with 3.2. * Jean Marc Lacroix Contributed an improved bin2intelhex. * Jim Hague Contributed fixes to 3c503 driver for PIO mode, fix to makerom for presetting EPROM bytes, and various endian fixes. * Andrew Coulthurst Contributed patch for making Intel eepro work in 4.0. * Doug Ambrisko Contributed patches to start32.S from FreeBSD version to make it boot Windoze after answering N to Boot from Network question. Contributed FreeBSD support and improved serial console support which is now merged into distribution since version 4.2.8. Minor patches to 4.7.21 to make compilation under FreeBSD easier. * Alex Harin Contributed patches for prepended loaders and makerom to make bootrom PnP and PCI compatible. * Peter Dobcsanyi Contributed vendor and device IDs for the Netvin NE2000/PCI clone. * adam AT mudlist PERIOD eorbit PERIOD net Contributed RARP code as alternative to BOOTP/DHCP. Activated by RARP_NOT_BOOTP define. * Daniel Engstrom Contributed a SMC9000 driver. * Didier Poirot Contributed an Etherpower II (EPIC 100) driver. * Martin Atkins Contributed mntnbi for mounting DOS NBIs. * Attila Bogar Contributed a bug fix to the bootmenu code and a patch to main.c to remove looping menus on failure. Also code for ARP replies and TFTP retransmit (#ifdef CONGESTED). Cleanup of tftp and tftpd. * Nathan R. Neulinger Found bug due to tu_block being declared signed short in arpa/tftp.h on many platforms when it should be unsigned short. * David Sharp Contributed a FreeBSD driver for Tulip based cards. Ken Yap ported it to Etherboot. Not tested because code needs to be written for all the variants of the Tulip and also because no hardware available to me. * Greg Beeley Contributed a 3c905b driver. Be sure to read the release notes in 3c905b.txt before using. * Alex Nemirovsky Contributed patches to use BIOS call to size memory otherwise Etherboot was trampling on top of 640kB area, which is used by some extended BIOSes. Also contributed patches to pci.c to implement PCI bus support on BIOSes that do not implement BIOS32, or incorrectly. * Günter Knauf Suggested making the ASK_BOOT prompts more generic and clearer

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