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Google Summer of Code 2008


Coding will formally start on Monday 26th May (though you're welcome to start earlier, if you're ready). You'll need to make sure that your build and test environment is up and running before this date. Here's a rough checklist:


If you have any problems with any of these, just drop in to the IRC channel and ask for help. We'll happily talk you through anything you're not familiar with, e.g. setting up a DHCP server, or running a virtual machine for gPXE testing.


If you have exams that are likely to prevent you from completing the above preparation in time for Monday 26th May, then please tell us immediately so we can work out an alternative schedule.

Weekly meetings

We will hopefully see you in the IRC channel on most days anyway. Once a week, we'll hold a brief but formal progress meeting, via IRC, to talk about what you've done during the week, how you're doing with respect to your projected timeline, any problems you've encountered, etc. Twelve weeks pass by surprisingly quickly, and it's important that we do this to keep things on track.

Provisionally, the meeting will be every Friday at the following times:

12:00 UTC Balaji Rao
12:30 UTC Stefan Hajnoczi
13:00 UTC Daniel Verkamp
13:30 UTC Michael Decker

This is based on the time zones that we assume you will be in over the summer; if these times are not convenient (or if Friday is not a suitable day), please let us know now.

The first meeting will be on Friday 23rd May, i.e. the Friday before the official coding start date.