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Lynus Vaz: Enhanced scripting language

Project Plan


gPXE currently features a limited capability command language. A more powerful scripting language would be useful to users: they can specify boot policies or other customizations as a script, without having to understand gPXE completely, or having to edit the code.


Evaluating arithmetic/boolean expressions

If-then-else branches



if [ expr ]





I think this would be the simplest to deal with.

Milestones and Timeline

Current work: I currently have code to evaluate arithmetic expressions, involving integers only (variable substitution is done before it is called). The usual C operators are supported (no variables, so no assignment), with their usual precedence and associativity.

June 8: Finalize syntax issues: dealing with string variables, use ${} for arithmetic expressions as well or define another delimiter, syntax for if, and loops.

June 14: Implementation of arithmetic parser as decided.

June 21: Dealing with quoting

June 28: Conditional branches

July 12: Loops and goto

July 23: Return code

July 26: Documentation

Aug 2: Autoboot script and other testing

Aug 10: Leeway