[gPXE] Windows7 iSCSI boot

G.N.Raj gnraj999 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 29 23:59:49 EDT 2010

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I tried to boot Windows 7 from iSCSI target and, succeeded
by following steps.

1. Install Windows 7 into a physical disk
2. Run setup.bat of sanbootconf-0.9.7 as Administrator
3. Remove Network filter driver entry from registry
4. Transfer the physical disk image to the iSCSI target
5. Remove the physical disk from PC
6. Boot PC from the iSCSI target by gPXE sanboot (pxelinux+gPXE)

Detailed step of 3.
1. run regedt32.exe as Administrator
2. open
3. Find Physical NIC Entry from sub keys and open it
   for example, "0007"
4. Open "Linkage" sub key
5. Remove "FilterList" value
5. Create a new value as name "FilterList", type binary, value empty.

Probably default value of "FilterList" are "QoS Packet Scheduler" and
"WFP Lightweight Filter".

The "QoS Packet Scheduler" of "FilterList" can remove
 by Network Connection Control Panel.
But I don't know the right way to remove "WFP Lightweight Filter".

Changing "FilterList" value type as binary makes some trouble.
"Configure" button of "Local Area Connection Proprety" become not
But it can be open from "Device Manager".

Does anyone know the right way to remove "WFP Lightweight Filter" from
"FilterList" ?

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