[gPXE] is it bug or feature for gPXE?

oleg-gumenyuk oleg-gumenyuk at yandex.ru
Thu Nov 11 07:08:31 EST 2010


I'll try to do the packet capturing. At this moment it is not easy due to specific of the lab environment where set of boards and bunch of ESXi with virtual systems ar deployed. tcpdump on ESXi will be ideal but imposible. :)

I'd like to calify that dhcpd.conf is configured without pool of IP address. We can treat as bootp. So, it is not possible to have IP address conflict, we always know which IP address will be assigned to the respective MAC address. 

Also I've attached screenshot of gPXE commands. 

Pings from Host B never resumes. 


11.11.10, 10:53, "Andrew Bobulsky" <rulerof at gmail.com>:

> Hello Oleg,
>  I can't say with any certainty what your problem is, but I have
>  personally had to deal with DHCP problems that were impossible to
>  solve without doing some packet capture.
>  For the benefit of those who will likely read your email in the
>  morning, my only suggestion is that you load up Wireshark and capture
>  the traffic occurring during the test scenario you're describing.
>  I've found that the cause of funny DHCP client behavior is usually
>  easy to pinpoint, even if it's not easy to fix.
>  Cheers,
>  Andrew Bobulsky
>  On Nov 11, 2010, at 2:32 AM, oleg-gumenyuk  wrote:
>  > Hello ALL!
>  >
>  > Historically our customer has got network where 2 DHCP servers are up and running for redundancy purpose. DHCPD config file is common for both servers. No issues if we boot down the wire WinPE, any Linux. We observe issue when gPXE is booted.
>  > When gPXE requests IP address both DHCP servers send responces. The concequence of such behaviour is that gPXE lost network settings. We have localized problem to the following small scenario:
>  >
>  > 1. boot to gPXE 1.0.1 on host A and enter to the interactive mode (Ctrl-B).
>  > 2. from another host B start pinging IP address which will be assigned to the host A
>  > 3. execute on Host A gPXE command: dhcp net0
>  > 4. ping from host B are successful.
>  > ...waiting a little bit about 5-7 secs ....
>  > Host A is not pingable.
>  >
>  > If we stop one of DHCP server such issue is eliminated.
>  >
>  > Question: is it a bug of gPXE? _or_ Is it a feature and our customer breaks some RFCs?
>  >
>  > Thanks,  Oleg.
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