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 ====== Stefan Hajnoczi ====== ====== Stefan Hajnoczi ======
-am student working on Etherboot for Google Summer of Code 2008.+My nick on IRC is ''​stefanha''​.  ​was a Google Summer of Code mentor in 2010, 2009, and a student in 2008.
-Ongoing work+Things I've worked on
-  * Remote debugging for gPXE+  * [[:​soc:​2008:​stefanha:​|Remote debugging for gPXE]] 
 +  * gPXE Error Code Lookup, see [[http://​etherboot.org/​share/​stefanha/​errcode.php|web-based tool]] or talk to ''​gpxebot''​ on the [[:​contact|IRC channel]].
   * IRC client in gPXE, see my [[http://​git.etherboot.org/?​p=people/​stefanha/​gpxe.git;​a=shortlog;​h=irc|irc branch]].   * IRC client in gPXE, see my [[http://​git.etherboot.org/?​p=people/​stefanha/​gpxe.git;​a=shortlog;​h=irc|irc branch]].

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