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====== Etherboot/gPXE Wiki ====== {{ nic.jpeg?237x222|A network card}} gPXE is an open source (GPL) network bootloader. It provides a direct replacement for proprietary PXE ROMs, with many extra features such as DNS, HTTP, iSCSI, etc. Take a look at our [[:screenshots|Screenshots]] page and the [[:howtos|HowTo Guides]] for some ideas of what we can do, and grab the code from our [[:download|Download]] page. gPXE evolved from Etherboot, and is maintained by the Etherboot project. Here you will find various information about the Etherboot Project, and a repository of useful contributions from people who use Etherboot and gPXE. We hope you find this information useful. We are always looking for new people to help us improve our projects. We need people who can program, write/edit documentation, update websites, and provide help on our [[|Etherboot-Discuss]] and [[|Etherboot-Developers]] mailing lists and our IRC channel, #etherboot on Please join us, and become part of a great Open Source project! --- //The Etherboot Project Community// --- ===== News and Announcements ===== [[|{{|GSoC logo}}]] ==== Google Summer of Code 2010 ==== The Etherboot project is taking part in [[|Google Summer of Code 2010]]. We encourage students to consider project ideas and get in touch with us: * [[:soc:ideas|Our GSoC 2010 project ideas page]] has suggested projects and more information on participating. * [[|GSoC 2010 timeline]] --- //[[|Stefan Hajnoczi]] Updated: 2010/03/18// ---- {{ :wiki:user:gpxe_logo.png?nolink&140|gPXE logo}} ==== gPXE 1.0.0 released ==== The Etherboot project has released gPXE 1.0.0 after over five years of development. This major milestone release is now available: * Prebuilt binaries: [[]] * Source code: [[:download|our git repository]] * gPXE release tarballs: [[]] Changes from 0.9.9 include: New commands: iwstat and iwlist for wireless management. New drivers: skge and myri10ge. WEP, WPA, and WPA2 wireless encryption support. New settings variables: "netX" for last opened netdev and "netX/busid" for network device bus ID. New special image types: .hrom and .xrom to work around BIOS limitations. --- //[[|Marty Connor]] 2010/02/10// ---- [[|{{ :images:linuxcon_logo_portland_2009.png?153|LinuxCon 2009 logo}}]] ==== LinuxCon 2009, Portland Oregon ==== We presented a [[|talk]] on Monday, September 21, 2009 at the first annual [[|LinuxCon]] in Portland, Oregon. Our talk included an example of various network booting methods, with live demonstration. Over 30 people attended our session and we very well received. --- //[[|Marty Connor]] 2009/09/22// ---- [[|{{|GSoC logo}}]] ==== Google Summer of Code 2009 ==== Etherboot Project participated as a mentoring organization in [[|Google's 2009 Summer of Code]] Project. We had a great summer of design, implementation, documentation, and testing! * [[:soc:2009:|Our GSoC 2009 main project page]] * [[:soc:2009:wrapup|Our GSoC 2009 wrapup report]] * [[:soc:ideas|Our GSoC 2009 project ideas page]] --- //[[|Marty Connor]] 2009/09/08 18:57// ---- ==== Current tarball releases ==== Though we recommend and encourage use of **[[:download|our git repository]]** to download gPXE and Etherboot releases, we also provide tarballs: * gPXE release tarballs: [[]] (preferred, supported, PXE compatible) * Etherboot release tarballs: [[]] (legacy, maintenance-mode support) --- //[[|Marty Connor]] 2008/09/26// ---- {{|GSoC logo}} ==== Google Tech Talk Video ==== Marty Connor, Michael Brown, and H. Peter Anvin gave a Google Tech talk recently at Google headquarters in Mountain View, California. We highlighted the new features of gPXE, PXELINUX, and how we have advanced the state of the art in network booting. **Video of the talk is available [[|here]].** --- //[[|Marty Connor]] 2008/09/26// ---- [[:old_news|Older news items]]

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