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   * [[:​soc:​fredrikhultin|Fredrik Hultin, gPXE Command Line Interface]]   * [[:​soc:​fredrikhultin|Fredrik Hultin, gPXE Command Line Interface]]
   * [[:​soc:​derekpryor|Derek Pryor, gPXE Secure Network Booting]]   * [[:​soc:​derekpryor|Derek Pryor, gPXE Secure Network Booting]]
-  * [[:​soc:​nikhilcrao|Nikil Rao, gPXE IPv6]]+  * [[:​soc:​nikhilcrao|Nikhil ​Rao, gPXE IPv6]]
   * [[:​soc:​alanshieh|Alan Shieh, Linux UNDI Driver]]   * [[:​soc:​alanshieh|Alan Shieh, Linux UNDI Driver]]

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