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 +====== Week 12 (Aug 8 - Aug 14) ======
 +Again, university and work have both taken a lot of time.
 +I have however worked with Marty on a few issues he's facing - in particular, he can't get an IPv6 address with his NICs. It seems that somewhere the IPv6 packets are being dropped - not sure what's causing this.
 +Along the way towards fixing this problem I have found out that IGMP Snooping can cause issues with IPv6 (as IPv6 has a lot of multicast traffic) - definitely something to be aware of in some of the environments gPXE might be deployed in.
 +The code seems to be working fine on my test machines, so I emailed the list notifying them that the IPv6 support is ready to go for testing. We'll see what comes out of that.
 +GSoC is just about over - definitely been a great experience. Looking forward to seeing what happens next! :)

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