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 +====== Day 1 ( Aug 15 ) ======
 +In yesterdays meeting mdc tested the driver and experienced a freeze-issue. We have a detailed debugging log generated by DEBUG=tg3_main:​7,​tg3_phy:​7,​tg3_hw:​7 that I went through today. I have isolated two candidates of lines that could possibly cause this issue; have to get in touch with mdc to run some tests.
 +====== Day 2 ( Aug 16 ) ======
 +Removed some WOL, Power saving, random unused variables, moved rx ring allocation to fit in more nicely with the rest of the allocations
 +====== Day 3 ( Aug 17 ) ======
 +Did some interrupt related testing today. After a little bit of debugging I realized that we forgot to acknowledge interrupts in tg3_poll().
 +I tested interrupt support by chainloading undionly.kpxe from tg3_main.usb and it seems to work for my test cards.

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