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   * [[:​romburning:​intel|Most Intel adapters]]   * [[:​romburning:​intel|Most Intel adapters]]
   * [[:​romburning:​tg3|Broadcom 57xx based adapters (tg3)]]   * [[:​romburning:​tg3|Broadcom 57xx based adapters (tg3)]]
 +  * [[:​romburning:​3com|3COM 3C905 adapters]]
   * [[:​romburning:​qemu|QEMU option ROM]]   * [[:​romburning:​qemu|QEMU option ROM]]
   * [[:​romburning:​vbox|VirtualBox LAN boot ROM]]   * [[:​romburning:​vbox|VirtualBox LAN boot ROM]]

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