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-Placeholder page for the iBFT utilities+====== iSCSI Boot Firmware Table utilities ====== 
 +===== Overview ===== 
 +This package provides utilities ​for parsing and utilising ​the 
 +information in an iSCSI Boot Firmware Table (iBFT).  The iBFT is a 
 +table created by iSCSI boot firmware (such as Etherboot), in order to 
 +pass parameters about the iSCSI boot device to the booted operating 
 +There are three components:​ 
 +  * a kernel module (ibft) which locates the iBFT and publishes the information found via sysfs in the directory /​sys/​firmware/​ibft,​ 
 +  * a userspace utility (ibftconfig) which uses the information from /​sys/​firmware/​ibft to identify and configure the network device used by the boot firmware, and 
 +  * a userspace utility (ibftconnect) which uses the information from /​sys/​firmware/​ibft to log in to the iSCSI target used by the boot firmware. 
 +The idea is that all three components are included in the initrd image 
 +used to boot the system, so that the system can configure its network 
 +card, log in to the iSCSI target, and mount the root partition from 
 +the iSCSI target before proceeding with the rest of the boot.  This 
 +enables booting Linux disklessly from an iSCSI target. 
 +===== Downloading ===== 
 +You can obtain ibft from http://​sourceforge.net/​projects/​ibft/​files/​ 
 +'''​NOTE:​ Many of the files on the sourceforge page are only 64 byte long text files with the following message: "​Purging old copies from any sites that might mirror SourceForge"​.'''​ No other information is available. You may find the SRPM and RPM packages further down the page to be usefull nonetheless. 
 +===== Contact ===== 
 +Please ask any questions on the etherboot-discuss mailing list at <​etherboot-discuss@lists.sourceforge.net>​ 

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