Day 1 ( June 13 )

Started porting tg3_open() and functions needed by _open, e.g. tg3_reset_hw().

Day 2 ( June 14 )

Continued porting tg3_reset_hw() and auxiliary functions. Checking which parts are needed and which can be omitted is tedious task which makes this a slow process. tg3_reset_hw() should be mostly done.

Day 3 ( June 15 )

After all the PHY init done in tg3_init_one() there is still more PHY init in tg3_open(). I started porting that code today.

Day 4 ( June 16 )

More PHY init code porting today. I also had to port some auxiliary functions for the PHY init that I hoped we would be able to avoid int tg3_init_one().

Day 5 ( June 17 )

Port most of the ring init functions. Might rewrite this part after taking another look at the freebsd driver.

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